Thursday, 8 December 2011

Two Important Steps for Colorado Families Helping a Loved One Following an Arrest

When a loved one is arrested, the strain of an unfortunate situation affects the entire family. One stressful aspect of having a family member arrested is the fact that one might feel powerless to help. In many instances, the stakes could not be higher, not only is the loved one's liberty in jeopardy, but where the loved one is the head of their household or contributing breadwinner, the financial well being of the family is impacted as well. Additionally, the emotional loss that a family must bear when a loved one is facing long-term incarceration is nearly impossible to measure. However, there are steps that a family can take to assist a loved one through the difficulties of arrest and detention.

The first step that is critically important to remember is to assist your family member with preserving their rights under the law. When a loved one is in custody, that means reminding them that they do not have to answer questions from law enforcement without the assistance of legal counsel. While it can be tempting for persons in custody to try to exonerate themselves by speaking to the police and attempting to explain the situation, this is not advised and can often complicate the situation and make it harder for them to defend themselves in court.

This directly leads to the next critical step for families of loved ones who have been arrested, which is to assist their loved ones in getting the services of an attorney. Families cannot be expected to know the intricacies of the legal process, and every moment of delay in getting legal help for a loved one might put them at increased risk. Helping the family member obtain a Denver Criminal Lawyer, whose priority is helping your loved one to protect their rights under the law, is an important way that families can assist their loved one. Colorado will provide a prosecuting attorney to convince the court that your loved one is guilty, without an attorney to defend your family member it will be very difficult for them to navigate the court process and receive the best possible outcome.

Having a loved one who is facing criminal charges is very stressful. However, by helping the loved one to preserve their rights and by assisting them in getting legal counsel, families can have peace of mind that they are helping their loved one through a difficult time.

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